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1927 League Champions, Newcastle United Football Club. Since then, we have came close a few times, most notably 95-96 when KK's "The Entertainers" lost a 12 points lead. Here's the weblog of Magpies1927 as he awaits for NUFC to emerge the top team in England again...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

£18m for Owen

Apparently Real Madrid has accepted a £18M bid for Owen from us. Of course, even then, that leaves the small matter of the player wanting to come to SJP, after saying all summer that Liverpool was his first choice, he wants to stay at Madrid to fight for a place, and NUFC is 3rd choice. Even if a move to SJP was considered, that was as a loan.

So, the scenario seems to be like this: Owen comes to SJP on loan for one season, score some goals, playing regularly, keeping his place in the England squad, leading England into the world cup, then leave NUFC back to Madrid again, or to Liverpool on a permanent transfer. In the grand scheme of things, where does that leave us? Without 2 strikers at the start of next season, Big al having retired, Owen's loan term over. Ameobi and Chopra to lead with any additional signings we can get. Doesnt that lead us back to square one next season as is the situation now. I have my doubts about the validty of the £18M bid, similiar to the bid we put in for the other striker in the scouser team last season. And we all remember how that ended up... Fat Fred, do not give us false hopes. We have had enough of that and empty promises. I will not believe Owen is a NUFC player (on loan/permanent) until I see a picture of him holding the black and white shirt at SJP for a press conference to announce his signing.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Quote from O Leary: 'I signed Nobby Solano and I think for the price we paid I could not believe we did not have any more opposition for him.'

Yah.. Aston Villa got away with fire, signing nobby for a cheap fee(forgot the exact price). He went on to prepare very well for them last season, assisting and scoring in several games for Villa. Isnt that a sign of NUFC's transfer policies... Selling good players cheap, buying medicore, average players at high prices/being extorted by clubs cos they think we are rich...

Sunday, August 21, 2005

We can see it coming...

courtesy of

Let us transport you back to the heady days of 1998, when after a pre-season that including a trip to Bray, Newcastle opened their Premiership home programme with the visit of Charlton Athletic.

The London side had returned to top level football after winning the playoffs and were widely considered to be easy meat for a first success of the season, being well organised but lacking high-profile names.

Managed by a Scotsman, an inept United display frustrated home fans as we struggled to create anything positive - despite the dismissal of visiting defender Richard Rufus by.... you've guessed, Dermot Gallagher.

A week later we went to Chelsea and drew, before facing Liverpool in our next home game - by which time the axe had fallen on manager Kenny Dalglish.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

We got screwed again.

Pardon my paranoid, but it seems that we, NUFC are the one club that has been at the recieving end of nonsense from the referees more than any other club in the league. What right does A. Ferguson or J. Mourinho has to say that referees hate their club? Hey, come on over to NUFC and you will get the real deal. Anyone who can provide evidence that their club has been screwed/undone by referees more than NUFC wins a prize from me.

[Drum rolls please, for the myopic referees of the Premier League]
Here's the evidence:

Referee: Steve Bennett (very near London).

The latest episode in this plonka's chequered history of officiating Newcastle matches:

Nov 2000: Failed to dismiss Birmingham City's Ian Bennett after bringing down Alan Shearer as he rounded the 'keeper.

Jan 2001: Sent off two Newcastle players at White Hart Lane as we lost 4-2, Bennett also awarding two dubious Spurs penalties.

Nov 2003: Failed to award a penalty at Molineux as ex-mackem Craddock handled a cross in the box.

Aug 2004: Didn't spot Boro's Hasselbaink handle the ball into the net for a late equaliser at the Riverside.

Dec 2004: Arsenal at St.James' and Ashley Cole admitted he'd handled in his own box, but got away scot-free.

Aug 2005: Rivalled foolish colleague Rennie's sending off of Shearer with an unbelievable red card for Jenas. Dubious late penalty given against N'Zogbia.

Why does this official keep being given our London games to officiate (Arsenal, Tottenham, Charlton) when he's from just down the road? Tyneside whistler Mark Clattenberg has never reffed at St. James'

All that based on London-club-lover Steve Bennett's performances vs NUFC alone. I say he should never even ref a Toon game again, even the reserves.

This is the fourth instance we can remember of a red card awarded against a Newcastle player being withdrawn:

Gary Speed v Aston Villa (h) May 2001 - Another bloody Orpington official, Barry Knight - what is it about that place?

Alan Shearer v Charlton (a) December 2001. Having made the long journey from Essex, Andy D'Urso left his calling card.

Craig Bellamy v Arsenal (a) December 2001. Graeme Poll popped down from Tring for the evening and was suckered by Ashley Cole's dying swan act.

Jermaine Jenas v Arsenal (a) August 2005.

Amazing. Is there any club more wronged than NUFC??? As in the case of this recent game, it is totally good gesture of the abovementioned london-club-worshipper to reduce the card to a yellow. BUT, after making the club play with 10men for 60mins??? After giving a team that didnt look like they were going to score a dubious penalty??? Grrrr.. This is not the end and surely, we will come undone by more such referees decisions in the future..

Monday, August 15, 2005

Some comments on an article

Article from talkofthetyne

Key points to note from it and I totally agree with them.

If Shepherd can somehow pull off the signing of Boa Morte, then with him on the left, Dyer on the right, Emre, Parker and Jenas/Bowyer/someone who isn't a goldfish/mentally deranged in midfield and Shearer up front we should be a pretty decent side going forward.

Actually the midfield looks great now with the likes of Parker, Emre, Dyer, Jenas, Milner, N'Zogbia, Faye able to play. Any additional signings must be of quality to improve the sign, aka Boa Morte, etc..

Admittedly we're a bit short up front but I fancy that Ameobi, now playing free from injury and with a couple of confidence boosting goals under his belt, might regain the form he showed in the Champions League a couple of years back.

It really surprises me, but everyone's selective memory has forgotten what a class act Ameobi has been for the club during the champs league run and England U21s not counting an injury-filled last season. Once again, I got to add this: Ameobi was a more commited/willing to play half-fit player compared to I-came-to-Tyneside-to-sightsee-and-have-some-fun PK. Believe me, once a fully fit Ameobi regains his form and scores in a few games, every Ameobi basher of one season ago will be proclaiming him the next Shearer.

Thirdly, and brace yourselves for this one, perhaps Souness isn't the incompetent Scottish oaf some people say he is. Take his record in the transfer market so far - he's brought in Boumsong, Faye, Babayaro, Parker, Emre and Moore.

Hey man, Parker and Emre came to NUFC instead of Everton and potential Champs League soccer. You think it's totally down to Everton not being a charming attractive club/city. I say part of that is also due to GS and (I dread to say this) FS...

And look who he's got rid of: Bellamy (too loud), Robert (too inconsistent), O'Brien (too crap), and err Aaron Hughes, who is a good utility player but pretty average.

Totally agree with getting rid of the first 3 players. I still think Aaron Hughes, average as he is, is able to provide great cover for our defence. Given our luck with suspensions and injuries, I feel that the defence looks a little thin at the moment and we are going to suffer again near the end of the season when we are pushing for the 2 dosmetic cups and a European place...

It would be nice to think that everyone would just get behind the team, stop booing players, stop slagging off Souness (because like it or not he's going to be here for next few months at least), and support the team like we can.

Yes, pls. Whatever it is, we got to give our full support for the club, hence the players/manager/staff who represent the club at the moment. If we are not the ones shouting 'Toon Army', then who's going to do that? the SMBs? Manure gloryhunters? Nahhhhhh!!!!

It's us, the Geordies!!

We are the Geordies, the Geordie Boot Boys,
Oh we are mental, Oh we are mad!!
We are the loyalist football supporters the world has ever heard~!!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Just something interesting and not everyone knows about.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Can GS beat the odds?

Reproduced from,

5th August 1998
- Kenny Dalglish takes his Newcastle team to Bray, wins.
27th August 1998 - Kenny Dalglish ceases to be the manager of Newcastle.

7th August 2004 - Graeme Souness takes his Blackburn team to Bray, wins.
6th September 2004 - Graeme Souness ceases to be the manager of Blackburn.

9th August 2005 - Graeme Souness takes his Newcastle team to Bray, wins......

GS has always been a fighter, be it in midfield for Liverpool or as a manager in Scotland, England and Turkey.
I dont know whether to be happy or sad when I see this article.. I dont know whether to pray that it becomes true or to hope that Bray will prove to be 3rd time(un)lucky.
Going by the chart, D day beckons by Early September...